Jennifer Reeves

1996, 16mm, 38 minutes
Writer, Director, DP, Sound and Starring Jennifer Reeves
CHRONIC is an experimental narrative about a young woman who began mutilating herself as a girl to cope with a traumatic mid-western childhood. The lush optically-printed scenes take Gretchen’s point of view from her punk youth, a stay in a mental hospital, and her release into the big city. Scripted scenes are inter-spliced with documentary and found footage, illustrating the culture Gretchen lives in, her inner world and relationships from her birth to her final day.



1997 Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Main Prize of the International Competition & First Prize from the Jury of International Film Critics

Ann Arbor Film Festival, Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker and the Screening Committee's Choice Award for Narrative Integrity

Images Film Festival, Toronto, Marion McMahon Memorial Award

Shorts International Film Festival, First Place Experimental Film