Jennifer Reeves

ORIGINAL VERSION: 2005, 16mm to Digital Beta, 31 minutes
REDUX: 2015, 16mm to HD, 29 minutes

Directed and Edited by Jennifer Reeves
Written by Jennifer Reeves with Winsome Brown
Starring Winsome Brown, Tanya Selvaratnam and Ariane Anthony

SHADOWS CHOOSE THEIR HORRORS is the dark and melodic diary of a necromancer living on the edge between the mortal world and the realm of lost souls. Sinister forces surround Madame G (Winsome Brown) as she tries to bond with her favorite undead. Using magic and ritual to give them new life and pleasures, Madame G is shocked by the devastating outcome. This camp and experimental reworking of early silent horror was inspired by both the un-staged Aaron Copland ballet GROHG, and the film that stirred the young Copland to write his ballet, NOSFERATU.

The 2015 Redux version of SHADOWS CHOOSE THEIR HORRORS features a live original score by Marc Ribot with Ikue Mori.

The film was originally produced in 2005 for a live performance of GROHG by the American Symphony Orchestra at Bard Music Festival.